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Today we're going to learn the Welsh vocabulary for parts of the body which will help your child with their writing task later in the week. 

*dd is the soft 'th' sound, as in that, NOT as in middle.

*ll as in Llandaff and Llanelli -put your tongue in the position that you would for an 'L'  and blow hard! 


Pen                                  (pen)                         Head

Ysgwydd/au                     (us gwith/eye)          Shoulder/s 

Coes/au                            (coys/eye)                Leg/s

Llaw/dwylo                       (ll ow/doylo)              Hand/s

Troed/traed                    (tr oyd/tra eyed)      Foot/feet


There are two videos below that will help with pronunciation of the 'dd' and 'll' sounds and a video that introduces the body parts.  (There are more parts shown that the children need to know for the activities but it's absolutely fine for them to learn them anyway).

There is also a link to the Pen, Ysgwyddau, Coesau, Traed song which your child may already be familiar with and can join in with.  We'll be focussing on facial features next week, but again, it will be good for the children to be exposed to the vocabulary. 

Lastly, there is a song word sheet to help your child learn the correct words for the song if you need it.