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Following on from last week's lesson on parts of the body, today we are going to learn the Welsh vocabulary for parts of the face which they would have heard if they had listened to or attempted the 'Pen, ysgwyddau, coesau, traed song'. 

 Da iawn (very good) to the children who uploaded sound or video clips of them saying the vocabulary or singing the song and diolch (thank you) to the parents who encouraged their children to learn the new vocabulary - we know how hard it is particularly if you have never learned/spoken Welsh before!


There is a short video attached below that gives the correct pronunciation of each word.  Again, there are a couple of words that we haven't included but it's fine if your children pick them up too. Also attached are some body and facial part flashcards that can be printed out to help embed the vocabulary.  


Ideas to help your child to remember new vocabulary:

  • There is a different version of the 'Heads and Shoulders' song attached for the children to listen to and join in with.
  • You can also play 'Simon Says' and ask your child to point to different parts of the face or body. 
  • Sing if you're happy and you know it - change the words to clap your dwylo, touch your trwyn, blink your llygaid, flick your gwallt, pull your clustiau etc
  • Print out 2 sets of the flashcards and play snap or the memory game, each time a card is turned over then you must say the Welsh word. 


Need a further challenge?

Ask your child to draw their face on a piece of paper and label it in Welsh.  There is a face template if needed attached below.


*ll as in Llandaff and Llanelli -put your tongue in the position that you would for an 'L'  and blow hard! 


Pen                                  (pen)                         Head

Wyneb                             (wee neb)                  Face

llygad/llygaid                   (ll gad/ll guide)         Eye/s

Clust/clustiau                   (clist/clist ee eye)    Ear/s

Ceg                                   (c egg)                      Mouth

Trwyn                               (tr oin)                     Nose

Gwallt                               (gwa ll t)                   Hair