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Today's focus is ...Messy Magpie Litter!


Today we would like you to share the PowerPoint ‘Messy Magpie Litter and the Environment’ with your child. You can access the PowerPoint software via your Hwb login under 'Office 365'.

*Before looking at the PowerPoint you could begin by asking,

What is litter? What does the word 'litter' mean?

Why is litter bad for the environment?


*Next, as you go through each slide discuss together how the different animals have been affected by litter and how this could have been avoided in each instance.


*When you have completed the PowerPoint, focus on Morris the Messy Magpie. We would like you to talk about how magpies collect different shiny items that they find and that Morris has just realised that the treasures he has taken and dropped are destroying the environment for his animal friends. Ask your child to imagine that they are ‘Morris the Messy Magpie’.


What do you think he would say?

What do you think he is thinking?

How do you think he is feeling?


*On the template provided we would like your child to record two things they think Morris would say and think. We would also like them to think of three adjectives (wow words) to describe how Morris may feel in his heart.

Need a stepping stone?

If you feel that recording two sentences for speech and thought is too challenging then we have attached an alternative template requiring only one for each.


Need a further challenge?

Challenge your child to write a list of reasons why others shouldn’t litter. You may like to consider how it looks and the damage that it causes to the environment. Your child may even begin to identify things they could do to stop this. You can use the examples in the PowerPoint presentation to get them started.