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For the activity you will need:


Your number cards to 20 that you used yesterday

A piece of paper and a pencil (colouring pencil or pen to make it more engaging!)

This activity is to focus on number order and formation.


Using the number cards you made yesterday, jumble them all up and tell your child that they are in a muddle and need sorting out. Encourage your child to order these numbers as independently as possible. If they are finding it challenging, remind them of the patterns you identified together yesterday (for example, teen numbers are the same as 1-9 but that they have a one in front of them).  Even if your child is making a mistake in where they are placing the number resist the urge to interject and let your child complete it. Then when they have finished count through and address any errors then talking about the shape of the number, numbers before and after for example. 


Once your number line is then complete play 'Guess the missing number'.  Ask your child to close their eyes, turn around, leave the room, or blindfold them gently and then take a number from the correctly ordered number line. Can your child guess what is missing? Ask did they know? This question is really important as it focuses the thinking on the order of numbers and gets your child to think about numbers before and after (which links to one more and one less!). 


To extend this activity further you can ask your child to write down the number that is missing, encouraging correct number formation and most importantly for those teen numbers that the 1 comes first!


You can always mix it up and ask the child to hide the number from you. This makes it more fun for your child but also gives you an opportunity to 'think aloud' and model how to complete this activity.


Have fun!