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Pushes and Pulls!


To begin, watch Seymour Science 'Forces'...


Explore a variety of your toys in your house that you can push or pull.  A push is opposite to a pull.  Check with your grown up that you know which is which.  Are there any toys that you can push, pull or both to make them work? Think about how you can make a toy car move? How do you make a tablet work? How can you make Woody speak? You are using a force to make it work but do you know which one?  Discuss what you have found out.

Can you sort your toys into toys that use a push, a pull or both? 


Explore the toys/equipment you have to play with outside.  What do you have to do to get the basketball in the net or your scooter to move? 

Need a challenge?

Can you make your toy/equipment to move faster/slower? What did you have to do?  Tell your grown up.