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Happy and Healthy Pets

What do you need to keep you happy and healthy? Can you talk to your grown about how the food you eat and the water you drink keeps you healthy? Why do we brush our teeth and go to sleep at bedtime? Why do we hold hands when we cross the road and wear a helmet on our bike or scooter? What activities keep you fit and healthy? Think about the rules you have in your house to keep you safe and healthy.


Looking after a pet is a big responsibility.  If you have your own pet, or you know someone who does, talk to your grown up about what the pet needs to keep it happy and healthy.  Different pets need different things to keep them happy and healthy. If you have a pet goldfish you don't need to take it for a walk everyday but you do need to make sure it has a clean tank and plants and interesting objects to swim in and around. If you have a pet Let's get investigating!


Try the activities below to help you to talk about the different things different pets need.

Look at these photos. How are the animals being looked after in each?
We all need somewhere cosy to go to sleep. Can you match these pets to their homes?

Cbeebies Ferne and Rory Vet Tales - How to Look After a Puppy

Choosing a puppy is a big commitment for a family but it can be very rewarding. It's up to you to provide everything your puppy needs.

WOW! Well done what super investigating!

Think about all the different facts you have found out. What was the most interesting thing that you found out? 

Now that you are becoming a super pet expert have another think about the Vet Clinic you set up yesterday ... do the animals have food, water, toys and a comfortable place to sleep?

Perhaps you could go and have a play in your Vet Clinic and put your new pet skills into practise!