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You will need:

dotty cards photo

number cards 0-6

Lego blocks

6 boxes/containers/bowls

counting objects (you could use Lego blocks, pasta shapes, cereal pieces, pencils or anything else that you have a number of)

Warm Up Activity - Counting to 10 Putting Fingers to Bed!

Ask your child to hold up their hands with all their fingers and thumbs standing up. Tell them that that their fingers are awake and together you are going to put them to bed. Count slowly and clearly in unison to 10, folding down one finger for each number spoken. When you get to 5, wave one hand in the air because you have put all the fingers on that hand to bed! When you get to 10, wave both hands in the air because you have put all your fingers to bed! Remember to count back to 0 (zero) and reinforce zero as when you have no fingers showing.


Matching Numerals to Sets

Practise counting to 6 and then on to 10, using fingers.

Look at this photo with seven dotty cards.

Ask What colour is the card with one dot on it? Agree which one it is. 

Ask What colour is the card with six dots? Count the dots to check. Agree on the correct card.

Ask your child to hold up four fingers. Ask them to point to the card with four dots on it.

Repeat this for the cards with two, three, five and seven dots.

Place the number cards 0-6 in order on the table.

Prepare towers of interlocking cubes (you could use Lego blocks for this), with one to six cubes in each tower.

Point at the number 1 card and say the number. Ask your child to find the tower made up of 1 block and place it on the number 1 card.

Point to 2 on the number line and ask your child to find the tower made up of 2 blocks and place it on the number 2 card.

Repeat for 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Counting items in a set and taken from a larger set

Prepare six boxes with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 objects inside. (NB: The largest box should NOT contain the most objects). If you don't have boxes you could use containers or bowls covering the top with foil.

Show your child the six boxes and ask them to guess which box has the most things in it.

Take the lid off one box and say how many objects there are. Discuss how it is quite difficult to count them when they are in the box. Ask your child to tip them out and arrange them in a line, then to count them from the left, touching each object as they do so. Ask the to take the correct number card to match the number of objects in the box.

Repeat for each box.

Extension activity:

Place the box with six items in the centre of the table.

Say, I will take some things out. You have to count how many things I take out − but you must not speak! Remove four things one at a time encourage your child to count silently.

Ask them how many you have removed. Lay the items you took out in a line to check by counting.

Replace the items in the box and repeat, removing three items and then five.