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Today we are exploring 'Speech Bubbles'!


For todays activity your child will need the superhero outline drawing that they completed last week. If you no longer have this you could create another or use a picture of your child's favourite superhero. 


Discuss things that a superhero might say eg ‘I will help you.’ ‘I am here to save you!’ etc.  If you have time and superhero resources at home you can even act this out and get the whole family involved, the superhero, the bad guy and someone who needs to be saved! Role play is great for helping children come up with ideas more naturally.  You can even read comics with superhero speech bubbles in or watch a cartoon with superhero action.


After exploring different ideas discuss how you can show the superhero saying these things. If you have used comics take a look at the speech bubbles used. Introduce speech bubbles to your child and explain that they tell us what a character is saying.


Using the attached template cut out the speech bubbles and get your child to have a go at writing down some of their ideas. These can then be stuck onto their superhero outline. Their picture is now becoming more animated and like their own scene from a superhero comic strip!


Don't forget to think about letter formation and finger spaces when writing your speech bubbles!


Need a stepping stone?

Spend lots of time acting out and doing role play with your child. Getting your child to think of these ideas is important and helps with them learning how to form a sentence for their writing.  When they come to record don't worry about your child writing each word accurately - just focus on them using the phonics knowledge that they have to date. For example - If they wanted to write "I can make you freeze" then they may only be able to hear the initial and last sound in each word...that's ok! If your child's sentence then looks like "I can mk y fz" then that is fine - the key part is that they are stretching their words out to hear all their sounds and recording as much as they can. It is ok to stretch individual words several times with your child, but then encourage them to do this themselves. 


Need a further challenge?

If your child is confident forming their own superhero sentences and is using capital letters and finger spaces with little, if any, reminders then why not think about exclamation marks. We wouldn't expect your child to know how to use exclamation marks and do this independently in Reception however if your child is confident you can introduce these here. Support your child to put an exclamation mark in if appropriate.