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Today we are moving on to exploring repeating patterns with images...even better SUPERHEROES!


Below is a document with different superhero pictures on. If you can print these off then please do to complete this activity as we would in class. If you can't print them off then your child can either draw their own superheroes, or if your child is very  technologically savvy then have a go at reorganising the pictures on the word document if they can click and drag. If none of these are an option for you then please use the online 'Shape Pattern Maker' interactive programme linked below (first one). 


We would like your child to have a go at making their own repeating patterns using the superhero pictures. They can do this as a cut and stick activity on a strip of paper or you can simple order on a clear surface. Remember to encourage your child to make it as tricky as they can!


Need a stepping stone?

Start the pattern for your child and see if they are able to continue it. Say it out loud and repeat it verbally together first if that helps to get the flow going.  You can even use the Top Marks Repeating pattern games linked below if you want to practise with some games online. Once they have mastered the skill of continuing a pattern they should then be able to start forming their own and having a go at the activity above.


Need a further challenge?

Ask your child to make their trickiest pattern they can. Then get them to close their eyes. Remove parts of their pattern and jumble up the pieces you have removed. Give them the pictures you have removed, or even harder still put them back with the others they were choosing from, and ask them to complete the pattern.

If they can complete the complex patterns you can then ask them to close their eyes, and jumble up parts (not all!) of their tricky pattern and ask your child to unscramble it. 

If you would like to take it even further create an even more complex pattern yourself and try the two mini challenge activities above. Good luck!



Resources that you may need for this activity...


Interactive games online that you may like to use to support your child's learning of repeating patterns...