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Under the Sea

Counting Tasks

Encourage your child to count accurately and to find the number that they need to copy on a number line.  If they are finding formation tricky then remember to write the number using yellow felt tip pen ( with a red dot to indicate where to begin) so that your child can trace over the top in pencil.

Interactive Counting Games

Ordering to 20

Please don't use the grid provided.  Cut A4 paper into strips then stick the strips together so that your child can glue the number fish on to one straight line from 0 to 20.  If your child isn't ready to order to 20 then work to 10 or wherever you feel is most appropriate.  Similarly, you could ask your child to order the numbers from 20 back to 0 if they are  in need of a challenge. 

Use their number line to practise working out missing numbers.  Cover a fish (with a little drawing of a fishing net if you are feeling arty) and support your child in starting to count from a smaller number (or larger number and work backwards, as a challenge) to find out which number is missing.


Under the sea colouring sheets

Print out your favourite sea creature, then decorate them with coloured pencils, pens, crayons, paints or even collage them! 

Pencil control sheets

Remember to hold your pencil near the nib using 'pinchy' fingers (tripod grip).  Follow as close to the lines/dots as you can. 

Read and colour Rainbow Fish

Look at the letter sounds on the Rainbow Fish and match them to the correct colour name. Colour the fish using the 'code'.