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Water World

Water World


Under the sea there is an wonderful world of water where lots of amazing animals live. It is a world where not many humans ever visit. Why do you think that is? Could we live under the sea? Can you breath under water? If we wanted to explore under the sea, what would we need?

How many different animals can you think of that live in the sea?


Cbeebies Something Special Mr Tumble - Under The Sea

Oceans of the World

Open this map up and explain very simply to your child what they are looking at.  Talk about how much of the earth's surface is ocean. Is there more land or water on Planet Earth? 

Just like there are hot and cold counties there are hot and cold oceans (... think back to polar week) Where are the North and South Poles? Where do they think the cold oceans are? Do you think you would find different creatures in hot and cold oceans? Why?

Talk about places you might have visited as a family or trips to the seaside closer to home. If they have a wetsuit for going in the sea, talk to them about why they need to wear their wetsuit. Do they need to wear their wetsuit in the water on a hot sunny day?

Let's Investigate ... the Amazing Animals that live Under the Sea

What undersea creature would you and your child like to find out about? 

Think of ways you could find out about that animal ... internet search, books, ask someone else ... and let them help you to find out more about that animal.  Then you could choose to either share the information with someone else in your family or draw a picture or make a zig zag book about it. 

Don't forget to upload a photo of your work to your 'My Work' folder on Purple Mash. We loved to see what you found out.

Under the Sea - What Can You See?

Click on the goggles and try to guess what is hiding behind them!

What Am I?

Now that you have found out lots about undersea creatures can you answer all of these questions correctly?

Under the Sea ... make, watch and sing activities!

We have listed some suggestions for songs, videos and craft activities that you might like to explore with your child to further stimulate their interest and understanding of the amazing animals that live under the sea.

Craft Activities

CBeebies - Octonauts

If you have never watched an Octonauts episode before then they are very gently informative and actually quite enjoyable.  The Octonauts also have several minute long 'Creature Reports' listing a few simple facts about sea creatures set to a tune that you will hum for weeks afterwards! An Octonaut tune is most definitely an earworm! (... a catchy song or tune that runs continually through a person's mind!)

CBeebies - Andy's Aquatic Adventures

Lots of footage of undersea creatures as Andy investigates different aspects of their behaviour and habitats.

BBC Teach - School Radio

This underwater episode has two songs and a story about a fish called Colin.  Our children live in a media rich environment and can be over reliant on visual stimulation. Support the development of your child's listening skills by encouraging them to listen and engage without the need for watching a screen.  Perhaps your child could draw a picture of the story as they listen?