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Missing Numbers!


This activity will identify what your child has learnt in numeracy over the past two days and any gaps in their learning that they may have. If there are any gaps or errors in what they do when completing the activities today then we would recommend you to spend additional time working together on these before moving on if possible. 


Purple Mash - 'Counting'

On your child's Purple Mash account you will see that a 'Counting' 2Do has been set. This is a great activity which ensures that your child can count reliably objects to 10, and then match to the correct number.  


If your child finds it difficult to count reliably then it is important to spend time practising this skill. By January we aim for all children to be able to independently count 10 objects reliably.  To assist in mastering this skill you can...

- encourage your child to slow down their counting and not rush

- ask your child to touch each objects as they count, 

- make sure your child can count larger groups of objects accurately by getting them to line up the objects or move them from one group to another as they count. If the objects aren't moveable then get them to use a strategy which will help ensure they don't miss any out or count some more than once.

- ensure that they only say one number as they touch-count an object. 


If your child is confident with counting then this is great news! We will be moving on to look at counting larger groups of objects by grouping in sets such as 2's this term.


Missing Numbers - Activity Sheet!

Below are three different activity sheets where your child has to complete the missing numbers. Your child is not expected to complete each sheet, only the one which is suitable to their level of ability.   If you do not have a printer then please don't worry. You can replicate these sheets this on paper that you have at home - the important thing is that your child has the opportunity to write in the missing numbers.


For those children working in teen numbers they need to ensure that they put the one first to correctly record the numbers. 


For those who are able to independently complete the missing numbers to 20 and with confidence, then they can try to complete the missing numbers on the hundred square. If your child is completing this activity then we would encourage them to look for patterns and establish the number that way if they are not able to count as far as 100.  For example - going across the hundred squares the units (the last digit of the number) change, going in ones. Going down the hundred square only the tens (in this case the first digit of a two digit number) change, counting in tens. It is important that your child studies the numbers around it on the hundred square.


If your child finds locating any of the missing numbers tricky then it is just about practise. Continue practising daily finding missing numbers, counting to 10 or 20 both mentally and following a number line, counting back from 10 or 20, talk about the patterns of numbers. All of this will help build your child's confidence and before you know it the skill is mastered!


Below are four online interactive games that your child can try to support and develop your child's learning with counting and missing numbers if you are looking for some additional activities...enjoy!