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Mr and Mrs Farmer Potato Head 


Lots of different fruits and vegetables can be grown on a farm. What is your favourite fruit? What is your favourite vegetable? Here are our favourites ...


Mrs Davies loves swede!

Mrs Evans loves carrots!

Mrs Nash loves broccoli!

Mrs Rich loves parnsips!

Miss Riella loves sweetcorn!

... and Mrs Thomas loves cauliflower!


Eating fruit and vegetable is an important part of keeping fit and healthy. Did you notice that none of the teachers said potato but they all like food that is made out of potato ...


Mrs Evans loves mashed potato! Mrs Nash and Miss Riella both love potato wedges! And Mrs Davies, Mrs Rich and Mrs Thomas all love roast potatoes!


In Nursery you all really enjoy playing with our Mr and Mrs Potato Head toys and are fantastic at using the different body parts to create interesting creations. Did you know that when that toy was first made it didn't come with a plastic potato body just the plastic accessories e.g. arms, legs, ears, eyes etc ... you had to buy a really potato to use with it!


For your Expressive Arts challenge this week we'd like you create a Mr Farmer Potato Head or a Mrs Farmer Potato Head out of real potato. Here are some photos of 'Potato People' to get you thinking ...

It's important to start with a clean dry potato. If you need to wash your potato make sure you leave it to dry for 24 hours before you start getting creative ... it's hard to draw on or get anything to stick to a wet potato!


If you are going to use cocktail sticks for arms and legs or to join different parts together make sure you have a grown up to help you and be extra careful as the ends of cocktail sticks are very sharp! Ouch! You might want to use craft materials e.g. googly eyes, pipe cleaners etc or you might want to make a potato person out of natural materials by using other fruit and vegetables for the different parts and features e.g. broccoli hair, carrot nose, tomato eyes!!!


When you have finished creating your Mr Farmer Potato Head or Mrs Farmer Potato Head please take a photo and upload it to your My Work folder on Purple Mash so we can see your new potato friend! Have fun!