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Number Ordering and Missing Numbers


Using the number cards from zero up to the numbers your child is beginning to recognise (within 20), ask your child to order them either on last week's washing line or on a flat surface. 

If your child can do this with ease then challenge them to order them from largest to smallest instead.

Encourage your child to look away whilst you take one of the numbers away.  Can your child tell you what number is missing?  Support with strategies to find out if unsure e.g. Say the numbers aloud and listen for the number that should be in the space. 

Take away two numbers from the line.  Can your child tell you what is missing?

Muddle up two numbers in the line.  Can your child find and rearrange them? 


Number Cards

Another set of number cards just in case you have no longer got those from last week.  You will only need to print the first four pages.

Missing Numbers Sheets

Moving from working practically on a number line to a worksheet is tricky so only attempt these if your child is confident in finding and sorting muddled and missing numbers on the number line.  You might choose to help you child to write the numbers in or use the cut and stick option.


Numberblock Songs

Fourteen minutes of fabulous Numberblock songs, should you need just a few minutes to relax after all that number work :)