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Today we are learning doubles! 


Today your child will be learning doubles which is always a popular activity in class...especially with the doubles rap. Today's activity will also build on your previous learning of symmetry too!


Start with this brilliant rap is a firm favourite and we all love to dance and learn this one in class together!

Doubles Doubles (I Can Add Doubles!) 1-5

Having watched the video (a couple of times if you're like's very catchy!) and ask your child what they notice about the number sentences. Don't worry if they don't spot it but help them by showing that each number sentence has the same on both sides of the addition sign, 1+1, 2+2, 3+3, 4+4, 5+5. These are all double numbers when you are adding the same amounts together.


Today we would like you to explore doubles practically. You can use stampers, brushes, finger prints or whatever you would like to create doubles with paint!


Like you did with your symmetry last week we would like you to have a go at using this to create doubles!  Simply dot on any number up to 5 on one side of a piece of paper with the paint, fold over, unfold and there you have it...a double! You can then count up how many and then say out loud "double __ is __".  You can make ladybirds, butterflies, superhero capes, spotty faces with chicken pox, or horse racing jockey tops...whatever you fancy!  It is a good idea that you do one for all the doubles to 5 so you have enough for tomorrow!


Keep your pieces of doubles symmetry that you have made as you will need these for tomorrow's activity.


You can always have a try at making doubles symmetry on purple mash using the symmetry app, or have a try of this doubling robot Powerpoint game!

Need a stepping stone?

Your child can do this activity, just don't put pressure on yourself for them to do it independently - work together. Dance to the doubles rap as many times as they'd like. Make doubles with fingers, toys, chocolates, pasta! You can make doubles in shaving foam, drawing or lipstick dots on each others faces (with make-up wipes on standby with full adult supervision of course!)...practical and fun is the key!


Need a further challenge?

Whilst we would like your child to be secure with mental recall with doubles that total up to 10 before moving on to up to 20, you could practically explore doubles today that total up to 20 and keep these ready for tomorrow and the further challenge activity!