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Ask your child to think about ways in which they as a child can help to reduce, reuse and recycle their belongings.  Can they find toys or clothes they no longer use, fit or play with?  Ask them what could they do with these items rather than throw them away?  They may need prompting to think of ideas.  (They could give them to a younger sibling, relative or charity) What could they do with broken toys they have? (look to see if they can be recycled)  What should they do with used batteries from their toys? (recycle) What can they do with drawings or pictures they no longer want? (put them in the recycling bin).  What else can they do around the house to help? Talk about turning off lights when leaving a room, turning off the tap when they're cleaning their teeth, having showers instead of baths occasionally, closing doors, turn off devices when not being used, make things from recycling materials etc. What can they do when outside? (put rubbish in the bin) 

You might like to take a photo/s of your child showing ways in which they are trying to help the environment and upload them to Purple Mash.  


Ask your child to collect 2 toilet tube or 1 kitchen tube for tomorrow's recycling activity. 


Need a further challenge?

On a piece of paper or worksheet provided below. Draw 5 things they can do to help reduce, reuse and recycle.  Label the pictures.