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Today we are writing our 'Superhero Rules'


To begin this activity we would like you to watch the video of the story Ten Rules of Being a Superhero below. 

Ten Rules of Being a Superhero

Having watched the story we would like you to discuss the different superhero rules that were mentioned throughout. Encourage your child to think of some rules of their own but don't worry if they repeat some from the video - it is absolutely fine for them to repeat some of the ones they have heard.


We have provided a template for your child to write a list of some superhero rules of their own. It is not expected for your child to write as many as ten, just what they are able. It is quality we aim for, not quantity!

As this task requires your child to write a list we would like you to explain that each rule needs to start on a new line. Throughout this writing task support your child to use their sounds to attempt to write words themselves. The words they write do not have to spelt correctly, just phonetically plausible as this is an important step to becoming independent writers. Help your child to 'stretch' each word by saying the word very slowly so they can hear the sounds in the words more explicitly. As they write we would also ask that where possible you support and encourage the use of full stops and finger spaces, and for those more confident writers - capital letters.


Need a stepping stone?

If your child finds it challenging to construct full sentences, we have provided a second stepping stone template below. This requires your child to finish the sentence ‘A superhero should:’, they can simply write a list of endings eg. be brave.  Again, please remember that they record the sounds that they can hear - even if it is the first and last sound in a word. Simply write next to it yourself discreetly what those sounds represents. 

Need a further challenge?

If your child is a more confident writer they could extend their rules by giving reasons following the word because. Eg A superhero should be brave because they have to save people. You can give them the word because or write it in for them as this is not an expected high-frequency word in Reception.