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Today we are looking at the four seasons! 


No, not the hotel or pizza...although those sound good too! Having looked at days and months, we complete our calendar with the four seasons - spring, summer, autumn and winter. 


For this activity we would like you to have months of the year flashcards. You can print off the ones provided in yesterdays activity or simply make your own by writing down on paper and cutting it up. 


Using the months of the year cards think back to what they can remember to each one, linking to the key celebrations you found out about yesterday. Ask them, what do they remember or know about the weather or what it looks like when you look out of the window then? On a post-it note or piece of paper draw a weather symbol or representation of what they see (trees with no leaves, for example) and place next to each month.  


When you have finished...what do they notice about the weather or pictures they have put down. Can they see a pattern developing? Do some months have the same post-it notes? Put these together if they haven't already. In a perfect world they would form four groups (one for each of the seasons) but you will probably find that they don't.  With your child go through and support them to talk about the weathers and what they will see in each month giving them the same symbol. This way they will clearly see the difference. 


Now to introduce the seasons. Explain that each group is part of a season. A season can be distinguished by its weather and what is happening outdoors.  Show your child the names for each season and match them to the four groups you have. There you have it! The four seasons!



If you would like to carry on with some fun activities to do with seasons then you could make the four seasons with a bit of hand and finger printing with paint. This activity is explained well on the website link below. They use canvasses but unless you are wanting to hang them up as a masterpiece for years to come, then normal paper would work just as well!  These are only suggestions if you've got time or a desire to do some more, there is no expectation for you to do these too. 


You could dress for the seasons!  You could go into your wardrobe and find things for each season and if you have time get dressed up, or if you pack away your summer clothes in the loft over winter then you can have a go at the following activity where you can dress the character 'Seren' for each season. 

Need a stepping stone?

Scale back the activity and have a go at the sorting and matching activity linked below. This will give you lots of opportunity to talk about what matches each season and why. This will help your child to become more familiar and have a better understanding with the concept of the four seasons. 

Need a further challenge?

Have a look at the following activity that links the weather to the seasons in a little more detail. You can fill in the missing blanks together on whichever sheet takes you fancy. You can do this orally, or have an adult write in the missing words.