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Today's activity is developing reading skills by 'Matching Sentences to Pictures'


Today we would like you to practise reading some sentence captions with your child. We have provided a phase 2 and phase 3 set of pictures with corresponding sentences. Please use whichever phase is appropriate to your child's stage of phonics development as these sentences focus on using the sounds that your child has been learning throughout their Letters and Sounds lessons in school.


We would like you to cut out and place the pictures on a surface. One at a time ask your child to try and read each sentence. Focus on one word at a time using their phonic knowledge to sound it out if needed, then go back and re-read fluently as a whole sentence. Can they match each one to the correct picture? 


Phase 2

Phase 3

Need a stepping stone?

If your child is finding this activity a little challenging we have provided some simple CVC words and pictures to match. In school we use sound buttons (a dot under each sound as explained in your Blending and Segmenting sets) so that each sound can be isolated. Sound out each phoneme with your child, then say it again but quicker to help them blend these sounds together to hear the word. Don’t forget that ll, ss, ff digraph's only need one sound button (we draw this as a line) as together they make a single sound.


Need a further challenge?

If your child is able to read each sentence and match it to the correct picture you could move on to the phoneme spotter stories that we have provided. You can spot the sounds first that the story is focusing on (e.g. sh, ch, th, ng) and highlight them with a felt pen. After you have finished highlighting they can then read the story. An extension activity would be for your child to make a list of these words that have been highlighted from memory.