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Science and Technology


We would like your child to explore simple digital games and use technology to support role play.

Ask your child to play the Maths City 1 Rocket Game on Purple Mash. We will set it as a 2Do and this will link in with our previous Science lessons on forces.  Each rocket has a number.  The higher the number the faster it will go as it has more force behind it.  Ask them to try each level.  The levels are at the top left hand corner of the page. 

Level 1 - match each silhouette to each rockets.  Look carefully at the numbers-which rocket do they think is going to win? Ask your child to press the play button at the bottom left of the screen to see if they were right.

Level 2 - choose a few rockets to race against each other.  Can they make it a close race by choosing rockets with numbers that are close together or can they make a rocket win by a distance? Remember to press the play button. 

Level 3 - ask your child to choose the rockets and the numbers they want to go on them.  Remind them that if they want the rockets to win they need to choose higher numbers. 

Have fun!