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Following on from last week's craft lesson where your child made fabulous superheroes from fruit and vegetables, we would like them to think about how we are able to sort fruits from vegetables.  

Ask your child to think of as many fruits and vegetables that they know.  If they are capable, they can use their phonics to make 2 lists or you could scribe for them.  Don't correct them if they have put them into the wrong category.

Ask them how they know that the foods they have chosen are indeed fruits and vegetables.  (They will probably not know the answer and may say that they eat vegetables as part of their cooked dinner and they have fruit as a snack etc) Ask them if they can classify salad foods such as tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce.


Watch the  first two videos attached below.  These explain the difference between fruit and vegetables and explain what part of the plant they are from.  This should help to clarify the difference.  Go back to their lists and see how many they got right.


Need a further challenge?

To reinforce what they have just learned:


  • Ask your child to find as many fruits and vegetables as they can from the kitchen. Make 2 sets using Post it notes and ask your child to name the food and sort into the correct category  OR
  • Print out the sorting activity below.  Your child can cut out the fruits and vegetables (they may need support to name some of them) and sort them into the correct category OR
  • Watch the video of how to print using fruit and veg and have a go at creating their own works of art.  Ask them if they can name the food, whether they think it's a fruit or veg and whether they think it will have seeds inside when cut open? 
  • There is also a fun pop song attached for them to listen to/watch.


We would love to see a photo of any of the above on Purple Mash