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Today we are looking at 'Everyday Superheroes'


As part of our superhero topic we always explore real-life superheroes such as police officers, those in the NHS and local heroes too that children may be aware of. This year it is even more pertinent due to the Covid-19 pandemic as there has been a national focus on keyworkers and the incredible efforts and important work that they do to help keep our country running every day. Today, we would like your child to develop their understanding of our everyday superheroes. 


Thinking back to last week, we asked your child to think about everyday superheroes that help us in real life situations. This week we would like your child to focus on two keyworkers/everyday superheroes that means something, has helped or inspires them. On the template provided, or on your own templates if you would prefer not to use a printer, we would like your child to draw their choice of superhero and write a couple of sentences about who they are and what they do to help us. 


To do this activity we would like you to talk about the many different keyworkers/everyday superheroes and talk about what they do and how they help us before making your choice of two. Here are some suggestions to get you started:


Police officers





Postal workers

Supermarket workers

Lorry drivers


Bus drivers


You may be able to think of more to add to this list! We can't wait to see your choice and ideas on your Purple Mash uploads! 


Need a stepping stone?

If you find that writing about two everyday superheroes is a little challenging for your child we have provided an alternative template requiring only one picture. What we would ask is that if only writing one sentence that the quality of what they write is the focus - spending time to form letters the right way round using a sound mat to help, stretching each word and recording as many sounds as possible, aiming for more than three words in a sentence. We have included sentence starters so that your child can simply complete the sentences if you are wanting to try forming two sentences. 

Need a further challenge?

Why not challenge your child to go one step further and produce an information booklet? We have provided a template for you to print out and fold. Don’t forget to include a title and picture for the front cover. Each page should have a different everyday superhero and a few sentences explaining what they do to help.