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Looking after a Pet

In Tuesday's Topic  activity you will have investigated and talked about all the different things that you need to do to do to keep pets happy and healthy. Having a pet is a BIG responsibility and can be a lot of work. If you are thinking about having a bet it is important to you understanding all the things that you need to do to keep it happy and healthy. Some of those are nice things and some of them are not so nice .... like cleaning up their poo!!!


Today we would like you to make a zig zag book with your grown up to show what you need to do to look after a pet. You might like to make the book about a pet you already have or the pet you would like to have when you are a bit older. Or you might like to find out about how to look after a more unusual pet like a snake or an iguana!

  • Make a simple zig zag book (... it's important to make the pages quite big!). We have included below some photos of zig zag books in case you aren't sure what we mean. Rather than using a piece of A4 paper it would be better to use a piece of A3 paper or tape/glue 4 pieces of A4 paper together to make a bigger piece of paper to then fold into a zig zag book.
  • On the first page draw a picture of the pet you are going to write about and think of a title for your book (... Taking Care of Dogs, Looking after Cats, The Happy Hamster Book)
  • Ask your child to draw a picture on each page (no more than 3 pages needed but you can do more if you'd like) to show the different things they need to do to look after their pet.
  • Tell your grown up what to write. Help your grown up by telling them what sounds you can hear at the start of words and help them by writing any letters that you know.
  • Encourage your child to use 'pretend writing' as well. Your child might write many familiar letters from their name to represent words, this is fine also.
  • 'Read' your book to your grown up. Maybe you could 'read' your book to somebody else in your family that you can't visit at the moment during a video call.



Remember you can upload a photo of the finished zig zag book to your child's 'My Work' folder on Purple Mash.