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Today it's time to get creative ... messy play is always fun!

We'd love to see what you make so don't forget to upload photos to your 'My Work' folder on Purple Mash.

Paper Plate Pets

Our 'Make It' table in Nursery is always busy so we know you are going to enjoy making a paper plate pet! Have a look at the photos for ideas but you are such a creative bunch we know you are going to come up with lots of great ideas of your own.

Don't worry of you don't have any paper plates at home ask your grown up to draw around a plate and cut out a circle shape from white card or paper.

You can use anything you like to colour and decorate your pet ... paint, crayons, felt tips, tissue paper, fabric ... maybe Father Christmas brought you some new craft materials for Christmas. He'd be super impressed to see you using them for your home learning. 

Playdough Pets

We know how much you enjoy getting creative with playdough so how about creating some Playdough Pets.

If you haven't got any playdough at home you could make some using the follow recipe that we use in school.

Storing your playdough in an airtight container will keep it fresh and soft ready for the next time you want to get creative!


Mix in a bowl:

1 cup plain flour

1/2 a cup of salt

2 tablespoons of Cream of Tartar

1 tablespoon of vegetable oil

food colouring of your choice!

Then add in one cup of just boiled water

Stir and stir then kneed and kneed ... and kneed ... and kneed!


You could use the playdough mats below as inspiration or just have fun inventing your own playdough pets!

Try rolling the dough into a ball or sausage shape then use a plastic knife to chop them into smaller pieces. 

Can you make a ball and then squash it flat?

Using playdough really helps to strengthen our hand muscles ready for fine motor activities. 

Dough Disco by Shonette Bason is a great source of information. She uses a range of different moves in a fun and engaging way ... she also has names for each finger!

Tommy Thumb

Peter Pointer

Toby Tall

Ruby Ring

and ... Baby Small!

Remember when you're at the dough disco it's really important to use the fingers on both your hands for all the moves! Have fun!

Let's Go To The Dough Disco