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You will need:

number cards 0-6

7 pegs

string to make a pretend washing line

glove puppet or teddy

Warm Up Activity - Recognising Numerals 0-5

Show your child the glove puppet or teddy and a pegged number line 0−5 in order.

Count along the number line in unison, pointing at each number as you do so. Repeat.

Now ask your child to shut their eyes. Remove a number from the line and hide it.

Tell them to open their eyes and say, Naughty Pet has taken one of our numbers. Which one have they taken? 

Ask your child to suggest which number is missing. Count along the line to establish which number is missing. Replace the missing number.

Repeat with another number.

Understanding conservation of number

Practise counting to 6 and then on to 10, using fingers.

Place three objects on the tray and show them to your child. Ask how many things there are. Count to establish that there are three things.

Show your child the glove puppet or teddy. Explain that Naughty Pet likes to mess up the tray!

Make the Naughty Pet move some of the objects around on the tray but ensure that they do not take any off. Ask your child how many things there are now on the tray. Hopefully they will tell you that the number is still the same. Point out that the Naughty Pet just moved the things around. They did not take any off and they did not put any more things on the tray.

Add another two things to the tray and ask how many there are now. Do not focus on adding, but establish by counting from one that there are five things on the tray.

Again, make the Naughty Pet move the things around. Ask how many things there are now. Point out that Naughty Pet did not take any things off, nor did they add any things to the tray. So the number of items is still the same.

Remove one thing and repeat.

Counting along a number line

Shuffle together three sets of number cards 0−6 and place them in a pile face down.

Take it in turns to take a number card from the pile.

Place the card in the correct place on the number line.

For example, if you take 2, you place it in the third space along (... remember to always start counting from zero).

Take another number card. If it is the same as one that is already on the number line you miss a turn. If it is different, you place it on the number line. Counting along the number line together to agree which is the correct space for the number.

The game continues like this.

The person who puts the last number card on the number line is the winner.