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Two-handed throw

If you have room when outside in the garden help your child to learn how to perform a two handed throw with a medium sized ball or football.  Ask your child to imagine that they are a Superhero who needs a powerful throw to help defend their city!

Get them to stand with their feet apart facing in the direction that they are going to throw the ball.  Ask them to spread their fingers around the ball in a 'W' formation, thumbs nearly touching, arms bent and elbows tucked in.  Step forward and push the ball forwards. They can practise this throw with their grown up, sibling or against a wall.  If against a wall, encourage them to let them ball bounce first before catching it.  If practising with someone else, make sure they are ready to catch the ball with their 'ready hands' out in front of them, palms facing upwards ready to receive the ball. 

Further Challenge

  • Start close to your partner and then take a step back each time you can successfully catch the ball.  How far away from your partner can you get and still make accurate throws and catches?
  • How many successful throws and catches can you do with your partner before someone drops the ball?  Try to beat your record!
  • If you have a hula hoop, work in a 3.  One person holds a hoop between the other 2.  Can they throw the ball successfully through the hoop to their partner? Alter the height and position of the hoop as their throwing and catching improves.