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Rhyming Words


Our activity today is all about rhyming.  This week's story 'What the Ladybird Heard' is full of fantastic rhyming words. Discriminating rhyme is an important pre-reading skill so practise hearing and generating rhyming words with your child as often as you can.


IMPORTANT: This activity is about HEARING rhymes and SAYING rhymes. We are not expecting your child to be reading the words yet!


Begin by saying some simple rhyming words to help your child tune in to the structure i.e. cat, mat, bat, hat...  Encourage them to join in with their own rhyming words.  Nonsense words like dat, zat, yat are great too. Keep it positive and praise efforts even if not correct.  They will get there!  The rhyming strips may help your child to begin or continue a string by naming each picture in turn.

Using the rhyming strips you could model making up a funny sentence i.e. The hen picked up a pen and wrote the number ten.

Rhyming Match Quiz

This quiz enables your child to choose the correct rhyming word from a selection.  Read the options out to help your child hear the correct answer - dog, cake  /  dog, hat  /  dog, log.

Bumble Farm Rhyming Activity

This is similar to the activity above but at the end it asks your child to make up a simple sentence about a rhyming picture.  You could give a deliberately wrong answer to see if your child can hear the mistakes!