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Week 2 - Beginning 8th June

Hello everyone! It's Monday again! 

Have you been practising saying the days of the week?  We've linked our Singing Walrus 'Days of the Week' song below so that you can teach  it to everyone in your house.  Perhaps they know a different days of the week song?  Can you learn it?

We had only just started learning the 'Months of the Year' song but we've linked that too.  Can you make a months of the year display with your grown up (for Twinkl ideas see below) Then draw pictures, or find photos, of all your family and friends, ask each of them when their birthday is and stick them on.  Ask someone to read the names of the months for you.  Don't forget to put your picture on the display too!

Birthdays Display Ideas

Alternatively you could make a graph to show how many of your family and friends' birthdays occur in each month...

Can you point to the most popular month for birthdays?  And the least popular month?  Can you count how many birthdays there are in winter, spring, summer and autumn?  How many more birthdays are there, for example, in June than July?

Days and Months Posters

Amazing Animals

We are a very lucky Nursery because we are given frogspawn every year so that we can watch the tadpoles emerge and grow.  So this week we are going to investigate 'Pond Wildlife'.  Look in the Amazing Animals section for some activities.

Purple Mash

2do: Frog

Draw your own frog sitting on this lily pad! Use picture books, information books or the internet to help you. Remember a frog has two big strong back legs to help it jump and two big googly eyes on the top of it's head. Research what colours frogs can be and ask a grown up to help you type what kind of frog it is. 

2do: The Park

Watch the video and complete the activities.  

The preposition activity: Click on the picture of the lady.  She will give you instructions about where to place the different objects that belong in a park or on a pond. She will use words such as in/on/under/between/behind/next to.  Complete the 'simple questions' first and then the 'questions' which are  more difficult.

2do: Split Pin Frog

Print, and cut out this lovely picture of a frog and use split pins to attach it's legs.  Can you make them move? Ask a grown up to take a photo of you with your frog and upload it for your teachers to see. 

2do: Frog Leap Pencil control 

Can you trace over the dotted lines to leap like a frog? Remember to hold your pencil near the tip of your pen or pencil in a pincer/tripod grasp (pinchy fingers). Stay as close to the lines as you can.  We would like to see how you got on if you'd like to upload a photo? 



Minibeast matching game: How good is your memory? Click on a card and try to find the matching pair.  How fast can you find all 4 matching pairs? Can you name each minibeast? If you can't, how can you find out what it is? What is the same/different about each of the minibeasts?