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Week 5 - Beginning 29th June

Hello everyone!


This week we would like you to practise recognising your name and writing your name.  It is really important that you form all the letters correctly so ask  a grown up to write it in yellow felt tip pen with a red dot where you need to start if you need some help.

If your mummy or daddy writes a list of similar looking names can you find yours? Keep practising!

These are the handwashing and social distancing songs referenced on our school Twitter feed:

This week we are focusing on Woodland Animals. There are some activities in the Amazing Animals section. 

Here are some lovely Percy the Park Keeper stories read by the author, Nick Butterworth.  Do you have any Percy the Park Keeper books at home? You could read them too, or ask your mummy or daddy to find more stories for you to watch.

Can you use the role play masks or the character cut outs to retell these stories with the help of others in your family?

Forest School

If you are able to go exploring in some woodland, or local park, we have found some activities you might like to try.  

On your way to the woods or the park can you play I-Spy?  Keep practising listening for the initial sounds in words.


These photo frames are beautiful and we will be making them in the hub this week.  Try constructing them on black paper if you have any.

What a lovely way to practise your threading skills.  Can you make a repeating pattern of leaves on your necklace?

You will need a few sticks for the first activity and a LOT of sticks for the second!

Further down the page there is a CBeebies programme in which Ranger Hamza and his helpers build a stick den.

Scavenger Hunts and Nature Trails

We have included some option here so that you can choose the one that suits you best, or you could make up your own! 

Try and include some counting tasks (see the second pdf below) if you can.

Can you make a marvellous mud hedgehog?

CBeebies - Autumn Leaves and Den Walk

Lots of lovely ideas for your walk in the woods!


2do: Hedgehog

Can you draw the hedgehog's spikes? Hedgehogs are nocturnal, find out what that means and if there are any other woodland animals that are also nocturnal. Write them in the comments box. 

2do: Owl Babies

The Owl Babies story is another of the teachers' favourites.  If you are lucky enough to have it at home then ask a grown up to read it to you and if you haven't, then you can also find the story to watch on YouTube (or do both!) Choose whether you would like to draw your favourite owl from the story, the mummy owl or all 3 baby owls.  Remember to include their big eyes, claws, feathers and wings.  We looks forward to seeing your pictures! 

and don't forget the....... 



Mrs Rich has sent us a photograph of her sunflowers and has challenged you to beat the height of them!  We have put the photo on Purple Mash for you to see, we think you can beat them!

On Friday 3rd July, we would like you to measure your sunflower from the base of the stem to the top in centimetres.  Ask your grown up to take a photograph of you next to your sunflower holding the measurements written on a piece of paper. Upload it to the 2do task by the following Monday and the boy and girl from each session with the tallest sunflower will be announced on the website and will be sent a certificate!   We look forward to seeing the photos.  Good luck!