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Week 6 - Beginning 6th July

Hello Everyone!


We are so sorry that we are not back enjoying the last few weeks of Nursery together but we hope you are having lots of fun at home!


This week we are investigating Dinosaurs! Look in the Amazing Animals section for some activities.


Have you got any books about dinosaurs? Are they stories (fiction books) or information books?

Perhaps you would like to enjoy these lovely CBeebies Bedtime Stories...

Remember if you want to upload a photo of you next your sunflower then you will need to do it on Purple Mash tomorrow morning.  We are so impressed with some of the sunflowers we have seen already!


This week we are reminding you of some of the skills you can continue to work on over the summer.  There are a lot and it is the holidays,  please don't think you have to do everything every week(!) just keep them in mind to practise when the opportunity arises.  Next week we will talk to the Reception teachers and give you a list of all the practical ways you can make sure you are ready for Reception.


Some skills and activities for you to keep practising over the summer:

  •  Writing your name, holding your pencil correctly and forming each letter accurately.  Draw and colour pictures as much as you can.
  •  Forming the pre-writing shapes, and lots of other beautiful pictures and patterns, using different mediums; foam, sand, water on a paintbrush on the patio, finger painting, flour, chalk, chalk then use paintbrush and water to trace, bare soil using a stick..
  • Ask a grown up to read to you as much as possible.  Talk about the stories; Can you think of a better ending? Can you remember what happened when...?, Can you retell the stories using pictures, puppets or role play? 
  • Can you make up your own stories using small world figures, role play, or cuddly toys?  Can you take on characters - in Nursery we have practised being shop keepers, astronauts, builders, cafe workers, customers, florists...  If you have not watched 'Biggleton' or 'Let's Play' on CBeebies then they might give you some ideas.
  •  Keep talking as much as you can.  Talk about what happened yesterday and what you are doing today and what might happen tomorrow...!  Ask questions, answer questions, ask some more questions, sing songs, and play with rhymes and alliteration.
  •  Listen.  Listen for sounds in your garden, listen to instrument sounds and try to play the same sound back, listen to a pattern of claps and stamps and copy it, listen to other people (and show that you have listened by responding), listen to lovely music and dance or play instruments in response, listen for initial sounds in words, listen to stories....
  •  If you are confidently hearing the initial sounds in words then you could begin to say the sounds in CVC words (cat, dog, bin...) and then blend them together to read the word. Keep it fun!!!
  •  Practise counting everywhere.  Count your steps, your trampoline jumps, your raisins, your apples in the fruit bowl, everything! Make sure you are applying accurate one to one correspondence (tap the first object and say one, tap the second and say two....)
  •  Practise rote counting up to and beyond twenty and backwards from 10.
  •  Practise recognising numbers to 10, then, when confident, to 20.  Name them out of order then practise ordering them from zero upwards. (I've recently seen the numbers written with a sharpie on plastic milk bottle tops which allows the children to move them much more easily than bits of paper)
  •  Recognise and name 2D shapes.  Make pictures with them and talk about them.  Can you sort them into groups - Big and small? Different colours? Different shapes?
  •  Copy and create 2 and 3 colour patterns, sound patterns, action patterns, shape patterns...
  •  Pretend to play shops to develop an understanding of money.  Talk about time using the terms 'before' and 'after'.
  •  Practise holding your scissors correctly and snipping bits of paper. Then try cutting around simple shapes.
  •  Develop your fine motor skills - anything that uses the muscles in  your fingers like hama beads, lego, picking up rice/small grains, squeezing clothes pegs, jigsaws, playdough, using plastic tweezers to pick up pompoms, buttoning clothing, threading, peg boards, drawing and colouring (holding your pen correctly), etc...
  •  Practise all the concepts and language in our Language and Understanding section.
  •  Talk about how you are feeling.  Learn the words to enable you to express what is wrong.  Begin to think about ways to handle situations that make you cross or upset.
  •  Practise using a computer mouse to click and drag if you have one at home.  
  •  Spend as much time as you can outside running, jumping, hopping, crawling, balancing and climbing.  Throw, kick and catch balls.
  •  MOST IMPORTANTLY, have fun, laugh and enjoy every minute of your summer being a four year old (or a nearly four year old for some!) 

Get Moving!

We have been enjoying Cosmic Kids - Yoga Time for Little Ones in the hub.  Have you ever tried these short activities?  They are brilliant - this link takes you to our favourite, Jungle Safari!

We are also waking ourselves up every morning with Joe Wicks Five Minute Moves.  Obviously the children could keep exercising much longer than five minutes but we teachers certainly can't...!!!


2do: Complete the T-Rex

We have started a picture of a T-Rex.  Use the textures to finish the dinosaur.  Remember it stood on 2 strong back legs and had 2 very short front legs.  Don't forget its sharp teeth!

2do: Complete the Stegosaurus

We have started the picture of a Stegosaurus.  If you are not sure what it looks like, use books or the internet to find out.  Remember to complete the 'plates' all across its back. Can you find out what it liked to eat?  What is  the difference between the  mouth of a T-Rex and a Stegosaurus? Why do you think this is? Ask a grown up to write what you have found out in the comments box. 

2do: Complete the Pterodactyl

We have started the picture of a Pterodactyl.  Use the textures to finish it. A Pterodactyl could fly so needed 2 huge wings.  What did this dinosaur like to eat? 

2do: Dinosaur

Create your own dinosaur.  Be imaginative with the colours and textures you use. Does it have wings, claws, feathers, scales?  Is it spotted, striped or patterned? What does your dinosaur like to eat? Can you think of a funny name for it?   Write your ideas in the comments box. Have fun! 

2do: s,a,t,p,i,n

A cloze activity using the satpin sounds.  Only attempt if you know that your child is able to identify those sounds and is beginning to blend CVC  (consonant, vowel, consonant) words. 



Thank you to everyone who has taken part in our competition.  We have definitely got some gardeners in our midst, the teachers are amazed with the results!  I think this year we have had the tallest ever sunflowers! From talking to the children and seeing the pride and joy on their faces in the photographs, they have certainly enjoyed this challenge.  We are sad that we can't give the winners their certificates in person, but will will ensure it gets posted to them. 

Drum rollllllllllll........


The morning winners are....


Samuel H at an amazing 183 cm

Anna at an astounding 204 cm


The afternoon winners are...


Stanley at a tremendous 256 cm

Aria at an outstanding 245 cm


Well done to our green fingered winners!