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Week 7 - Ideas for the Summer Holiday!

Our last week together as a Nursery class!  We have really missed seeing all your smiley lovely faces in Nursery since March.  All the Nursery teachers are really looking forward to visiting you in your new Reception classrooms though, and hearing all your news! 


During the last few weeks we would have enjoyed our Nursery Sports Day.  Can you create your own sports day in your garden or in the park?  Below are some links to some ideas but I think you will be able to make up much more imaginative activities than these!

Transition to Reception

In conjunction with the Reception teachers we have put together a list of practical ideas to help your child prepare for the day in Reception.  There will, of course, always be an adult available to help your child but it makes them feel so much more empowered to be able to do what is being asked of them independently.

Some ideas to make the transition to Reception easier for your child...

  • Knows how to ask for help.  If your child is of a quieter nature then practise specific things to say.  'Please can you help me to do up my coat?' 'Please can you help me to find my drinks bottle?' 'What do I need to do now?'
  • Knows their full name, class and teacher's name.  Discuss who they would ask if they were unsure of what to do.  All school staff wear identification lanyards.
  • Can put on own coat, put up hood and manage to open and close zip/poppers.
  • Knows how to find and recognise their name in their coat so that they can check it is theirs.
  • Can take off and put on own shoes, tights and socks.  You might like to think about the clothing your child wears to school on PE and Games days to make it easier for them to change independently.
  • Can use the toilet independently and thoroughly wash their hands.
  • Can take snack, lunch box and drinks bottle out of own bag, and put them back in again.  
  • Knows what each item they are taking to school looks like.  Sounds daft I know but please check they can identify from a line up their own lunch box, drinks bottle, coat, shoes...
  • Knows where their name is on each item to check it is their own.
  • Can open every item of food and drink independently. 
  • Can dress for PE and Games.  Practise making sure they can correct clothes if inside out and how to fold them in a pile so that they are easily found for changing back into.  Make sure your child can identify their own garments by finding their name labels.
  • When you are discussing the basic structure of the day remember there will be activities and playing after lunch, then you will be there to collect them.  Children in the past have been upset that parents said were collecting them 'after lunch' and didn't understand why they were not immediately taken home when they finished their sandwiches!
  • Can recognise their own name amongst others.  Also, if your child is known by a shortened version of their full name it would be helpful if they knew and recognised their 'full' name too.
  • Help them to practise writing their name on the back of any sheets or drawings done over the summer.

Finally, please share any other ideas you have amongst yourselves.  I know several of you have older children who have already been through Reception or are teachers yourselves and this list is in no way exhaustive!

Maths Activities

Some ideas for activities you can continue to practise in a practical way over the summer.


Role playing shops is a great way to help your child to develop an understanding of money.  Practise sorting coins and talk about the different values.

Sounds and CVC Words

Keep practising saying sounds a-z, listen for initial sounds in words.  Only introduce segmenting and blending CVC words to write and read if your child is confident in these first two skills.  Also, please support your child in forming each sound accurately - but only attempt this task if they are ready to begin writing CVC words.

Summer Challenges

Lots of ideas here to enjoy over the summer.

Pencil Control and Letter Formation

Practise as often as you can but only begin letter formation practise if your child can form all the pre-writing shapes.


We thought this looked like a really interesting activity.  Copying patterns of all types is a good skill to practise over the summer.


2do: This is Me!

Draw a picture of your face for your new teacher.  Try to capture how you are feeling about going to Reception in your expression (hopefully it will be a big smiley face!) and ask your grown up to write it in the comments box. 

2do: My Avatar

Design your Avatar (if you haven't done already) using the link at the top-right of the screen and then type your name ready for Reception. 

2do: My Favourite Activity in Nursery

Draw your favourite place or activity that you enjoyed in Nursery.  Ask your grown up to help you write about it in the comments box.  Were you a fan of the garden, doing PE in the hall, using the PCs in the computer room, or changing the lights in the Sensory Room? Did you like getting creative in the art area, did you like messy play like foam or playing in the sand/water? Did you like role play-which was your favourite, the Farmer's Market, the Home Corner, Rocket or Florist?  Did you like playing imaginatively with the small world toys such as the dinosaurs, wild animals, Happyland, Emergency Services, Rocket, doll's house, cars or planes? Did you like learning phonics through Jolly Phonics actions and songs? Did you enjoy number and maths activities or mark-making on the writing table?  These are just a few of the activities that you participated in-was one of those your favourites or can you think of something else? 

2do: When I Grow Up

What job would you like when you grow up?  Draw you in that role and write what it is and why you'd like to have that job in the comments box.

2do: 2Pop Stage 1

Burst the bubbles by finding the matching letters on the keyboard.  It will be tricky as they will be lowercase letters and your keyboard will have uppercase letters!  Good luck!