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Week beginning 4th January

Welcome back Year 1

We hope you have had a lovely Christmas break and that you are all safe, happy and healthy. 

Welcome to our Year 1 topic ‘Amazing Me’. We are very excited about sharing this topic with you. It is especially good for this time of year when we will be focusing on looking after ourselves and each other in the new year.

‘Amazing Me’ is all about recognising our body parts and how the body works on a daily basis. In this topic, you are going to have the chance to find out about different food groups and understand what makes a healthy meal. We will even begin to look at a spectacular artist this term called - Giuseppe Arcimboldo! He is an italian artist who specialises in portraits, but with an interesting twist! 

Alongside this, we are also going to keep practising our maths skills such as adding one more one less and even two more! It is super important that we keep practising our phonics sounds and reading with an adult as much as we can. But most of all we are going to make sure that we have lots of fun on this learning journey.



We hope that you will have a great first week as you start our topic ‘Amazing Me’. 


This week we will be going on a ‘Senses Treasure Hunt’ and practising our ‘curly caterpillar’ letters. Why not try to design and make a delicious fruit kebab? Or you could dive straight back into phonics and learn our brand new sounds. With an adult’s help, you are going to be practising the phonics sound ‘air.’ Once you have mastered this sound - get ready to spot the sound ‘air’ as many times as you can in our ‘Phonics Spotter Story Task!’. Have fun reading the book "Funnybones" to find out what mischief the skeletons get up to. Perhaps you could use your IT skills on Purple Mash to create your own skeleton picture.


With all these things to choose from, the question is which one you will do first! 


Whatever you do this week, have fun and enjoy learning about Amazing You!


Parents .......

Over the next few days we will be providing suggestions for home learning. We will post a range of activities to allow you to undertake one literacy and one numeracy task a day. There will also be some topic based activities too. These will be a mixture of online and paper based tasks which can be accessed via Purple Mash or Hwb. There are also copies of the activities lower down this page should you have difficulty accessing Hwb.


We hope you will find them useful but please don't worry if something doesn't quite work out as planned, this sometimes happens in school too!



The Year 1 Team