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Summer Term 2 - Week 1 - Beginning 1st June

Hello everyone!!


We hope you have had a lovely half term and have been enjoying the sunshine?  We are sorry not to be welcoming you back to Nursery for our last half term together and miss you all very much but hopefully you will enjoy some of our many activities planned. 

Normally we would be starting our 'Beth Sy Yn Y Bocs?' (What is in the Box?) topic which is a more child - centred topic where children find a weekly box hidden in the nursery and try to guess from the clues on the box or in the box as to what they will be learning about that week/day. They are also encouraged to think of what they would like to find out about or ideas of what they'd like in the box. Obviously this will not work through home learning and after such lovely feedback about the tasks from the 'Amazing Animal' topic,  we thought we'd carry on that theme for a few more weeks.  As you may be aware, one of our boxes this half term usually contains eggs from the 'Living Eggs' company.  The children learn about the importance of an incubator, watch the eggs crack, the chicks hatch, help to transfer the chicks to a brooder and learn how to take care of the chicks, to feed and water them, clean them out and most importantly, to handle them carefully! We are sad that the children won't be experiencing this fabulous resource but thought it might be fun to do some chick related activities anyway! 

We will also be exploring pond life , woodland animals and mini beasts as we usually have donations of frog spawn and normally have a box containing magnifying glasses and bug catchers to use in our garden and forest school area.  We also thought that the children would like to have a week learning about dinosaurs!


At this time of year we would also be spending a lot of time:

  • Sequencing the letters in their name
  • Forming the letters correctly if they are ready to do so
  • Identifying numbers to at least 10
  • Counting forwards and back to at least 10
  • Sequencing numbers and finding missing numbers to at least 10
  • Forming numerals correctly
  • Recapping and identifying all letter sounds, and listening for initial sounds in words
  • And for those who are ready; to begin to word build/decode CVC words and recognise some sight words (visit the Sounds section for activities)

These activities will benefit your child and help them to get ready for Reception.   


Remember to look for ideas and activities in our Literacy Ideas and Numeracy Ideas (especially Number) sections.  

Have you looked in the Cymraeg section yet?  There are lots of phrases we use in Nursery and you can use at home.

Keep practising using scissors to snip paper and cut out simple shapes.  There are some sheets in the Fine Motor Skills section.


Just in case you didn't see this link. We really like the activities on Bud's Number Garden:


Remember that PM can be used on an i-pad/tab which will be easier for children to complete some of these activities, particularly the 'tracing/writing' activities. 

2do: Egg

A hen has laid this egg.  What do you think has hatched out from it? Remember there are textured paints.  Write in the comments what you have done and type your name at the bottom.

2do: Chick jigsaw

Put the pieces together to complete the picture. 

2do: Number formation 6-10

Click on the green 'play' button which will show you where to start and how to form each number correctly.  Choose a colour pen from the tool bar and trace over each numeral.  There is room underneath to practise forming the numbers all by yourself. 

2do: Life Cycle of a Hen

There are links to a Life Cycle power point and a couple of Life Cycle Videos and a song in the 'Chick' section under 'Amazing Animals'.  Please watch one/all of these with your child and discuss what they have seen.  If you have access to a printer then there is a follow up activity for your child to complete.  Ask your child to cut out the pictures of the different stages of a hen's life and then stick them onto the base sheet in the correct order.