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Week Five - Beginning 4th May

Hello!  How are you all?  We hope you are enjoying finding out all about different animals in our Amazing Animals topic?  Have you been reading lots of stories about animals?  Remember to talk about the front cover of the story and discuss what it tells you about the story. Does the blurb on the back make the story sound interesting? Find the title, author and illustrator's names and the title of the book. Talk about each page, the person reading the story to you will ask questions to make sure you are understanding what is going on.  Can you talk about what you think might happen next in the story?  Can you retell the story using the pictures to help you once you've heard it a few times?  Talk about your favourite stories - can you tell them in other ways? Make puppets or dress up and act them out using simple props.


This week we are learning about Jungle and Rainforest animals.  Can you and your grown up use information books and/or a search engine to find out about some animals that live in jungles or rainforests?  If you have access to non-fiction books then you can talk about the cover, the contents page and the index and how fiction and non-fiction books are different.   We are looking forward to hearing all the amazing facts you learn when we next see you all!


Look in the Amazing Animals section for some activities you might like to try!



Sorting animals activity in Sort, Match and Classify.

Hand and footprint animals in Arts and Crafts.

Songs and stories from BBC Teach added to Stories, Poems and Rhymes section.

Number activities and songs added to Number section.

Vesak/Wesak link below.

Language and Understanding section has been updated.


Find out about the most important Buddhist festival celebrated on Thursday 7th May this year.

Days of the Week Song

We sing this song quite a lot in Nursery.  Using the terms before, after, today, tomorrow, yesterday and the past, present and future tenses when discussing events that have, are or will occur support your child's developing understanding of the passing of time.


2do: Elephant

Can you colour and label an enormous elephant? Drag each label over to the correct parts of the elephants body.  Can you find out a fascinating fact about elephants and ask a grown up to type it in the comments box for us to read. 

2do: Stories 2 Tell

During the week, at bedtime or when you want some quiet time, click on 'The Wishing Tree'or 'The Parrots and the Raja' and listen to these African and Indian traditional tales with repetitive language. Which story is your favourite, why?  What did you learn from them? 

2do:  Zoo

Come and visit the wild and exotic animals at the zoo.  Which animals would you find in the jungle, the rainforest or African plains? 

2do: Lion

What kind of lion can you create? It can be male or female; do you know what the hair around a male lion's head is called? Can you name any other wild cats? Tell us in the comments box. 

2do: Bunting

Create your own bunting for the VE day celebrations on Friday!   Find out what the Union Jack is and what colours are used.   When designing your bunting, try to stick to the traditional colours on the Union Jack. 

Animal and their baby matching cards

Print out and cut up these cards and see if you can match the animal with it's baby.  Can you name both the mummy and it's baby? You can play this as both a memory and snap game.

VE Day Bank Holiday Celebrations

Help to celebrate 75 years since the end of the Second World War by printing out these resources to decorate your home.  Happy colouring!