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Week Four - Beginning 27th April

Happy Monday Everyone!  We hope you have had a lovely weekend?

Please look through all the sections of our Home Learning Page to check you have seen all our suggested activities so far.  As we add more tasks we will try to update on this page (and subsequent weeks' pages) with anything we are adding to save you having to search too much.  Remember so much of what we do in Nursery is repeatedly working on basic numeracy, literacy, language and motor skills just in different, interesting and active contexts.  

Keep referring back to the Numeracy skills in Week 3, finding those areas your child needs more support and trying to incorporate a little practise into play activities.  Similarly below you will find aspects of phonic awareness that we would currently be working on in Nursery.


Sound Matching Activity has been added to the Initial Sounds section.

Number tasks added to Amazing Animals section.

How Many Legs? added to Sort, Match and Classify.

Rhyming activity added to Rhyme and Alliteration.

More activities added to Amazing Animals.

More ideas added to Language and Understanding.

Phonic Awareness Aspects

Be aware of these targets and try to practise them discreetly as part of fun activities as often as you can.

Look at the ideas for some of these aspects in the 'Letters and Sounds - Phase One Home Learning Tasks' section of our Home Learning page.

Environmental Sounds - I can listen to, identify and join in with making sounds.

Sounds we hear everyday all around us. Stand in your garden with your child and close your eyes. What can you hear? 

Join in with these listening games linked below, can you identify the weather sounds? And the different animal sounds? 

Instrumental Sounds - I can distinguish between 2 or 3 instruments.

If you don't have percussion instruments (shakers, bells, whistles) in the house then you can improvise using plastic bottles with sand or rice in them, cooking pans upside down with wooden spoons as drumsticks, pan lids as cymbals...

Play one of a small selection of instruments hidden from view of your child.  Can they play the correct instrument back to you? Make it trickier by playing two instruments.

Investigate musical instruments, what they look like and their sounds. Listen to different genres of music and discuss the sounds you can hear.

Programme 6: Music (see link above) listens to the sounds of some common instruments.

Body Percussion - I can use my body to make sounds (tap feet, click fingers)

Challenge your child to copy simple patterns that you perform first - stamp! stamp! clap! stamp! stamp! clap!

Rhyme - I can continue a rhyming string (cat, mat, bat...)

This is a particularly tricky aspect so just keep modelling and playing with rhymes but don't worry if your child isn't yet able to continue a rhyming string.  

There are rhyming games and ideas in the Rhyme and Alliteration section under Literacy Ideas.

Alliteration - I can complete a short alliterative sentence (e.g. Such a silly...snake)

The Rhyme and Alliteration section of Literacy Ideas has some ideas for games to support your child's developing awareness of alliteration.

Oral Blending and Segmenting - I can identify the initial sound when an adult point to the picture.

Remember, this is all done through listening and talking and pictures/objects, not written words.

You will have an idea of how secure your child is in this aspect if you have been working through the initial sound sorting PowerPoint tasks in the Initial Sound section of Literacy Ideas. 

The game below is good fun!  You can continue to practise this activity with household objects instead of pictures.

Remember to visit the Amazing Animals topic section to discover this weeks activities about farm animals.



2do: Farm

Can you add some farm animals to the farm scene? How many do you know?  Discuss what they look like? Have they got hair/fur/feathers? How many legs do they have?  Have they got a tail? Is it long/short/straight/curly? What are their babies called? What noise do they make? Use books and the internet to help you. Remember to use the textured paints where appropriate and type your name at the bottom. Happy drawing!

2do: Explore the Farm

Come and spend time with the animals on the farm.  Watch the videos and then create your own farm using the 'stickers'.  Tell a family member all about it, what animals have you chosen? Where in the farm have you put them? What have you given them to eat? 

2do:  Farm Puzzle 2

Can you complete the 12 piece puzzle? What is the completed picture? How quickly did you do it? Can you beat your time?

2do:  Farm Building Game

Use the shapes to build a new farm for the farmer and their family. Use the arrow keys on the key board to make your shapes bigger or smaller and to rotate them.  You could also make a barn for the animals.  

2do:  Farm Pairs (Memory game)

Can you match the animals to their babies?  What are the babies called? If you are not sure, how can you find out? How quickly can you complete the challenge?  Can you beat your time?