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Week Seven - Beginning 18th May


We will be back on the 1st June to carry on with out Amazing Animals topic. We hope you have a lovely half term. We are looking forward to seeing you all as soon as we can!

Hello again!


We hope you have had a good weekend. We are really enjoying all your pictures and messages on Purple Mash.  All your teachers have been looking at them.  Keep up the good work!


Look in the Amazing Animals section for activities about Polar Animals.


As we have only one week left to go until half term we would be increasing the amount of time we spent on the field developing large coordinated movements and practising for Sports Day!

Use any resources you have to practise rolling a ball along the ground, around obstacles and to a partner, developing throwing and catching skills (by yourself and with a partner), kicking a ball, and accurate aim - throwing something soft into a hoop or bucket.

If your child is struggling with ball skills, then we also use small bean bags which are much easier to handle.  How many different body parts can they balance the bean bag on? Can they walk whilst balancing it? Balloons are also great for those less confident.  How long can they keep hitting the balloon into the air without it touching the ground? Can they use just their heads, noses, elbows, feet etc to keep it in the air? Play volleyball with mum/dad/siblings. 

Hula hoops are another great resource to encourage fitness and co-ordination.  Use it as a normal hoop by seeing how long they can keep it moving around their hips-you can have a family competition! They can also place it on the floor and jump/hop in and out, crawl through it, jump in to the hoop and pull it up over their head, encourage them to travel around their hoop in lots of imaginative ways. Can they roll it across the floor?  Can they climb through it as it rolls across the floor; it's tricky  but can be done! Can they spin it? So much fun to be had with a hoop! 

We would use the large equipment to practise climbing over, under and through, travelling in different ways (hop, skip, sidesteps, jump, march, crawl, slither, leap), and changing direction and running around obstacles. 

Practise travelling, jumping and landing safely with bent knees.

If you've got a big enough garden, set up an obstacle course using some of the ideas from above.

The majority of games that we play involve working with a partner, team work and working closely with others.  As this is obviously not possible at the moment we have included some of the warm up games below that children can play individually or with their siblings. 

Magic Beans Game

Often used as a warm up.  There are a ridiculous number of suggestions in the link below, definitely best to chose (or make up) your favourite seven or eight!

Traffic Lights Game

This game improves listening and responding skills.  You can choose any instructions and movements you want, below are just suggestions to start you off.

Participants begin by running or walking around an area.  The chosen caller shouts out an instruction and everyone behaves accordingly.

RED: Everyone freezes.

AMBER: Everyone jogs on the spot.

GREEN: Skip or run or jog around the area.

TRAFFIC JAM: Everyone sits in a long line beeping horns!

IT'S RAINING: Use arms like windscreen wipers.

BROKEN DOWN: Everyone makes the best broken down shape.

ROUNDABOUT: Spin in circles on your bottom.


Pirate Ship Game

Has always been a firm favourite in the past! Another listening and responding to instructions in a fun, fast paced activity.

Mr Man Game

Andy's Wild Workout

Move like the arctic animals in the clips including a polar bear and her cubs!

Eid Al-Fitr

This weekend marks the end of the Islamic Holy month of Ramadan.  Watch these CBeebies clips and look at the information below to find out more...

Purple Mash


Can you draw a penguin? Find out if penguins live in the South Pole or the North Pole and ask a grown up to write your answer in the comments box! 

2do: Counting Objects  (not Polar related!)

Listen to the question then find the picture with the correct number of objects. 

2do: Polar Bear

Can you give the polar bear a funky makeover? Find out what is special about a polar bear's skin and fur, it may surprise you!   Ask a grown up to write what you have found out. 

2do: Arctic Animal Themed Cutting Skills

If you have access to a printer, please print out either/both sheets and have a try at following the dotted lines with your scissors, to each Arctic animal. Can you identify the animal? If not, where could you find out? 

2do:  Number formation to 5

Practise your number formation to 5.  Click on the 'Play' button next to the numbers to watch how each numeral is formed. Then click on a pen colour of your choice and trace between the lines. Practise in the space underneath.  Number one can be written as 'l'like we do in Nursery.  

2do: Animal Quiz

How much have you learned this half term about some of the Amazing Animals on this planet?  Ask a grown up to help you to read each of the 10 statements.  Are they correct or not? Click on the 'True' button for correct or 'False'  button if you think they are wrong.  Good luck!