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Week Three - Beginning 20th April

Welcome Back!!

We hope you had a lovely Easter break?  We are all fine, but we miss you all and we are very sorry that we are not able to start our Summer term together in Nursery.

During the first days back in Nursery we would be very keen to hear all your children's stories about their break - can your child tell you, or another adult, all about their favourite activities over the past two weeks? Support your child in asking relevant questions to someone else. Recall, past tense vocabulary and learning to ask questions are all skills we aim to develop.

Our new topic this half term is AMAZING ANIMALS - one of our favourites because we know how much our previous Nursery children have loved this topic and have enjoyed finding out about so many different kinds of animals and their habitats.  We have lots of lovely activities, ideas and fun planned to help you learn about this topic at home.

Each week we will look at a different habitat:

1.  Animals at home (Pets)

2. Farm Animals

3. Jungle Animals

4. Under the Sea

5. Polar Animals

PETS - Look in the AMAZING ANIMALS section 

There is a new rhyming activity in the Rhyme and Alliteration section too.

Can you complete the activities all about pets? 

Wake Up! Song

Still image for this video
We love this song in our house! More Out of the Ark songs linked in the Singing and Dancing section

Please browse all the sections of our Home Learning Page!!


Can you draw a pet that you have at home or a pet that you would like to have?  There are some lovely textured paints for you to experiment with.  Remember to change the size of the pen-make it large to colour bigger areas and small for finer detail.  Also try typing your name at the bottom; it is such good practise!


On Purple Mash there are animal and their baby flashcards to help your children to learn new animal vocabulary or to reinforce what they already know.  Print them and cut them out to use as a 'snap' or 'memory'  game.


Talk to your children about where to take pets when they are unwell.  Wednesday's 2do is to find out how animals are cared for when they go to the vet. Can they help to feed and care for the virtual animals? To reinforce this, can you help them to create a vet role play area at home if they have a doctor's kit? This has always been a popular imaginative play activity in our Nursery. 


Friday's 2do is a number challenge.  Can you find the numbers on your keyboard?  Look at the number on the screen, say it aloud (you may need a little help), find it on your keyboard and type the number. How quickly can you find them? 


Numeracy Skills

Every activity enjoyed by our Nursery children is a learning opportunity.  You can help your child to develop their number skills daily in different contexts.  Below are some of the skills that we aim to develop daily through any task we undertake in Nursery.  Through participating in their play you will discover the skills your child is confident in applying and those that need more focussed practise:

  • Counting aloud up to 10/20/beyond...  (What number can we count to before the next car drives along the road?)
  • Counting backwards from 10  (See the link below to one of our favourite songs - Climb Aboard the Spaceship)
  • One to one correspondence - child touches first object and says 1, touches second object and says 2.....  (How many cars have we got in the garage? How many cups of sand can we put in this bucket? How many apples are in the fruit bowl?)
  • To know that, when counting a set of objects, the number you say last is the total  (See link to Numberblocks episode below)
  • To recognise and say number names to 5/10/20/beyond...  (Number recognition in the house and in the environment - on doors, lampposts, cars, letterboxes....)
  • To match a number to a set of objects (count four oranges, match with number card 4) and vice versa - match the required amount of objects to a number (read the number 5, add five cars to that set - this is a particularly tricky skill)
  • To begin to form numerals 0-9 correctly, initially by overwriting and copying  (Number formation sheet link below)
  • Begin to explore one more and one less  (how many jigsaw pieces have we got left? If we put one of those pieces into our jigsaw how many will we have left now? Let's check!)
  •  We would also slowly begin to introduce the concept of estimating and checking, and that zero means none.

Look in the Number section of our Numeracy Ideas for more activities!

Coronavirus - A Book for Children

Axel Scheffler has illustrated a digital book about Coronavirus for children. It can be downloaded or read following this link.