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Week Two - Beginning 30th March

Initial Sounds

Try our initial sound powerpoint activities in the Literacy Ideas section.


Look in our Numeracy Ideas section for some pattern tasks.

Jolly Phonics Sounds

m   d   g   o   c   k

Remember to work at your child's pace. If they are still working on s a t p i n and not ready to focus on new sounds that is fine, just keep practising!

I-Spy m d g o c k

Listening to Stories

You all love stories so we know you will be reading books every day with a grown up.  If you would like to listen to some lovely stories whilst you draw or play you could try CBeebies Radio Story Time.

Purple Mash 

There are new activities for you to complete this week:

  • Basic Shape Challenge:  Can you colour and label the shapes?  Can you find objects around the house that are the same shapes? Can you talk about the properties of each shape; how many straight sides/curved sides/corners do they have?  Play 'I am a shape game'; I am thinking of a shape, what shape am I?  I have 1 curved side and no corners, what shape am I?
  • Garden Centre:  Watch the videos and find out what goes on at a garden centre.  Plant some virtual seeds and watch them grow!
  • Circle Challenge: Trace carefully over the circles.  Start at the black dot and move anti-clockwise until you reach the dot again.  This will help you to form zeros and the letter 'o' correctly.

Easter Holiday Purple Mash

We have also given you some activities to complete over the Easter Holiday:

  • Our Favourite Flower Graph: During the Easter holiday, contact 8-10 of your friends or family members to ask them which is their favourite flower from the choices on your graph. To add a person click on the add + button underneath the picture of the corresponding flower. Don't worry if you make a mistake, you can take them away by clicking on the take away - button.  There are questions to answer orally with your parents when you have collected all of your data!
  • Easter Egg:  Can you decorate the Easter egg?  Try to make it as colourful as you can.  Remember to change the colour and size of the pen. Don't forget to type your name at the bottom. 

Easter Holiday Ideas

Use the Easter Bunny pictures below (or find a variety of differently sized cuddly bunnies/toys)  Can you find the biggest bunny? And the smallest? Now try to put them in order from largest to smallest.

  • Challenge your family members to design beautiful Easter eggs using the template below.
  • Then hide them and have an Easter egg hunt in your house and garden! Can you help your grown up to make a map to help you to find the Easter eggs?
  • Ask your grown ups how they used to celebrate Easter when they were young (Mrs Nash used to decorate hard boiled eggs then, with friends, rolled the eggs down a large hill to see whose would reach the bottom with the shell still intact!)
  •  You could make Easter Bunny bunting using the templates below. Help your grown up to cut out each bunny shape then add a fluffy white tail to each and thread them onto some ribbon.
  • Try some of the crafts below with your grown up.
Finally, you might like to peruse this Time Capsule activity (thanks to Reception teachers for linking it first!) Lots of other similar ideas are available through an internet search.