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Week Two - Beginning 30th March, NOW including Easter links and an Easter holiday project idea!

Our numeracy focus for this week is Number Sentences, Measuring and Ordering!

Learning how to add and write number sentences is a tricky in Reception and is a build up of learning other skills. 


1 - First the children have to understand that addition is adding two groups together and be able to do this practically.  Putting objects into two (very clearly separate) groups, counting how many is in each group (remembering to line them up to ensure accuracy, and using one-to-one touch counting accurately) and working out the total (counting on, adding together).

2 - Children have to become familiar with the different ways we can make ten.  There are lots of different ways to do this and the booklets above will show you lots of different strategies that we use within school.

3 - Children have to be able to write the numbers (using the correct formation, facing the right way round).

4 - Children have to recognise the symbols needed which are + and = for addition number sentences. Then the tricky part of what they mean and how they fit into a number sentence.

5 - That they can put all the above together to form a number sentence!


This year we have been learning the above skills.  We would hope that your child is secure in many of these skills, and that they are now ready to start writing their own number sentences. However this does take a lot of practise and repetition as well as adult input.  Don't worry if they are not there yet, just use it as a focus for your home learning.


This week we would like you to focus on the five skills above, starting from where your child is at. Use the activity booklets to find different ways to make ten and getting used to writing as number bonds. Then when you feel confident move on to the next step. It takes a while but once they can do it the feeling of satisfaction that they feel as well as you makes it all worth it! Good luck!


If your child is confident with addition to 20 and writing their own number sentences then try some of the numeracy activities below for number sentence writing...

Measuring and Ordering... Meet the Easter Bunny!

It's nearly Easter so what better than some Easter themed maths!  In school we usually use multilink cubes to measure in Reception, we call this non-standard measure, and this is the starting point for learning how to measure. You can use anything that is fixed such as lego bricks or duplo, as long as they are all the same size.  When your child is confident with measuring for our Mathematical Whizzes then they can begin to look at simple centimetre rulers.


Use the measuring with the Easter bunny with your lego to find out how tall they are and record using the correct number formation. 


Then, cut out the Bunny's in the ordering pack (your child can practise their cutting skills) and then put in size order remembering to start from the smallest and go left to right!


Why stop there! Get your children to measure lots of different things in your house or garden. They could record their answers in a table (another maths skill!) and label (using their literacy and phonic skills!). It keeps them busy and they will really enjoy it.

We love cooking in Reception and the children can learn so much from it from measuring ingredients, problem solving, using numbers, reading instructions, thinking skills and physical development from rolling, kneading and cutting out!   This week we would love you to bake or cook one of your favourite Easter or Spring time recipes.  It's up to you what you would like to do.  Have plenty of fun making and eating...and then tell us how you made it by writing your own set of instructions.  You don't have to use the templates above, they are just an idea to help you think about what you may need to include in your writing.  If you can, we would love to see your creations on our twitter @Rhiwbeinaprm  Have fun!



It's nearly Easter and there are so many brilliant ideas out there for different things that you could make.  Traditionally in School on the last week before Easter we spend time together making an Easter craft.  This year as you are at home we thought we would let your imaginations and creativity free and you could have free choice with what you would like to make... a card for a lonely relative during the pandemic, a 3D model chick or bunny, an easter bonnet, saltdough decorations, garlands, chocolate egg designs... the list goes on!  There are so many great ideas out there. Here are some links to get you started...



Why not make your very own time capsule or memory box about your time during this outbreak, which in years to come will be looked back on as an important part of our history.   You can collect items that you made, artwork you have done together, make saltdough handprints of your families (not forgetting to date them!), take photographs of the things you have been doing during this time of school being closed, take records, write diary entries... the list is endless!


Then decorate your box/time capsule and decide where you are going to keep it!  Will you bury it in the garden? Hide it in the loft? Find a secret place to put it?  


However you choose to make your time capsule, don't forget to take lots of photos and tweet us on our school twitter. We would love to see what different ideas you come up with!


The links below are to help you get started...