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Where in the world? - Purple Mash 2Do activity

Where in the World?


In this week's story 'Lost and Found' the boy and the penguin row all the way to the South Pole!

Do you know where the South Pole is? What do you think the weather is like there? What animals do you think live there? How long do you think it took them to row there? Was it a long journey or a short journey?


Talk to your grown up about different places or countries you have visited and how you got there.

Where have you journeyed to in the car? 

Have you ever been on a boat or a plane? 

What other types of transport can you think of? Have you ever been in a helicopter or a rocket!!!


Have you ever visited somewhere really hot?

Have you ever visited somewhere really cold?

What did you do there? What did you wear? Where do you like being best, somewhere hot or somewhere cold?


If you have a globe at home see if you can find out where the different places are in the world (... or you can open the file below to view a simple map of the world)

Do you have friends or different members of your families living else where in the world?

If you could visit anywhere is the world ... where would you like to visit? Why?


Look at the map or your globe again.

What do you think the green parts are?

What do you think the blue parts are?

What are the white parts are?


A Walk in the Arctic for Kids | Educational Video

Click on the links below to view the photos and discuss what you think the Polar regions are like!

The North and South Poles are some of the coldest places in the world. What do you notice about the animals that live there?

Fascinating Penguin Facts! Did you know ...


Penguins are birds but they cannot fly!

Penguins have flippers not wings!

A group of penguins in the water is called a raft but a group of penguins on land is called a waddle! 

Each penguin has it's own unique call!

Penguins can drink sea water!

Purple Mash 2Do Activity

Log into your Purple Mash account to access your penguin painting 2Do activity. There are lots of different colours and paint textures to use and remember to change the size of the brush you are drawing with using the slider in the bottom left corner. Happy penguin painting!

Parents ... this 2Do activity might be easier for your child to complete using a touchscreen device or alternatively if using a computer mouse it might be necessary for you to place your hand over your child's when they are holding the mouse. This will help develop their cursor control and mouse skills.


Learning the correct mouse hold is important for helping children to be able to use a mouse quickly and effectively. It is important to learn this early on because developing an unsuitable hold can become a habit that is hard to break later.

To hold the mouse correctly, you should:

  • Place your palm on the base of the mouse.
  • Put your thumb on the side of the mouse closest to the computer.
  • Put your index finger on the left button.
  • Put your middle finger on the right button.
  • Put your remaining fingers on the far side of the mouse.
  • Your wrist should be straight, following the angle of your arm and not twisted to either side or higher or lower.

Here are some pictures to help demonstrate correct mouse hold: