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Jungle Safari Clues - Purple Mash 2Do Activity

Jungle Safari Clues


Last week we went on some SNOWmazing and ICEtastic adventures to some very cold places. This week it's time to explore somewhere very different. Are you ready to journey deep into the jungle to see what you can find? The jungle is full of hidden surprise ... some tall ... some small ... some fast ... some super camouflaged ... some noisy with a gigantic ROAR!!!!!!!!! What do you think you might find? Have a look at this jungle picture ... how many different  animals can you name?


I Spy! Clues

I spy an animal with a very long neck!

I spy an animal with black and white stripes!

I spy an animals with a long trunk and big ears!

Can you think of your own I Spy clues?

Who Am I? Clues

Well done for using your looking eyes to work out the 'I Spy' clues. Now we'd like you to use your listening ears to play 'Who Am I?'. Listen carefully to the clues that your grown up reads out for you and try to guess the animal they are describing.

How did you do? Did you need to listen to all 3 clues for each animal? Were some clues easier to understand than others?

Jungle Safari Clues 2Do

For this activity we would like you to imagine you are a brave jungle explorer going on safari deep into the jungle. What will you see? Practise making up clues for the jungle animal you have chosen. Test them out on some of the people in your house. You don't want them to be too easy but neither do you want them to be too hard because this week you are going to test the teachers!!!


Log into your Purple Mash account to access you 'Jungle Safari Clues' 2Do. This is a MashCam activity! These are great fun because you get to be the star of the show. Use the camera button in the top middle of the screen to take a photo of yourself. Then use the + and - buttons on the top left to resize your face so it fits perfectly in the character cut out. Don't forget to reposition your photos so that it fits in the space. We can't wait to see you in your safari gear. Ask your grown up to type your clues in the speech bubble box and we will have a go at guessing which jungle animal you are describing. BUT how will we know if we have guessed correctly? Please will you use the red sound button on the top right to record your answer. We're looking forward to playing 'Who Am !?' with you!