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Woodland Animals

Woodland Animals

What can you find out about animals that live in our woodlands and forests?  

There is quite a lot of information about nocturnal and diurnal animals below.  Can you paint or collage some pictures of the nocturnal animals at night?

CBeebies - Andy and the Hedgehog

No week would be complete without watching at least one Andy...


We would look briefly at this interesting word and find out what it means. This PowerPoint looks at animals in America.  Can you find out which animals hibernate in the UK?

There is obviously far too much information here from the WWT for your child but I've included it because I found it really interesting to read!
Can you guess the animal from its description?
When you are out exploring the local woodland perhaps you could look for some birds too.  There is a checklist below that you might find useful.  The graph is there as an option but your child would gain much more understanding if you can draw each bird you see, cut them out and create a big bar chart with the pictures.  Talk about how many of each bird you saw and how it is represented on the graph, compare which birds there are more of and fewer of, ask how many more and how many less..., if your child is demonstrating a good understanding.

Percy the Park Keeper themed tasks

Can you count the pictures in each row and write the correct number in the circle?  Ask someone to write the number in yellow pen for you to trace if you need help.  Keep practising your number formation!

Can you use different coloured pens to take Percy along the path? Try to stay inside the lines!