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Ocean Alphabet


Begin this activity with the Alphabet song to help your child practise or learn the order of the letters in the alphabet. Here is a You Tube clip if you need it

The Alphabet Song

Now begin to think of all the different creatures and objects you might find in the sea or along the beach or coastline.  Can you think of something for each letter of the alphabet? Use the Ocean Alphabet worksheet to help you to record your answers.


Parents ... it is important for your child to use their independent thinking skills to help them to complete this activity. You may need to give them some prompts or clues but try not to step in too soon or make the clues too easy. For the really tricky letters suggest ways they can search for the answers such as a dictionary, information books or even story books.


Good luck!


Ocean Alphabet - worksheet

To further develop your child's fine motor skills and pencil control there are three ocean themed activity sheets available below.


Happy colouring!

Ocean Creatures - Fine Motor Skill Activities