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The Bad Tempered Ladybird


Do you ever wake up in a grumpy mood? The ladybird in this story did!


Find yourself a comfortable place to sit and listen to this story to find out what happened to the Bad Tempered Ladybird.

The Bad Tempered Ladybird by Eric Carle

Did you enjoy the story and join in with the words …’Hey you. Do you want to fight?’


Can you work out why the ladybird didn’t actually fight anyone?

How did you feel when the ladybird made his way back to the leaf and shared the aphids?


Challenge 1

Sometimes people like to know something about a book before they want to read it. 

We would like you to write a Book Review of the Bad Tempered Ladybird story.

A Book Review will help people to decide if the book would interest them enough to read it.  


Log onto Purple Mash and open up your 'The Bad Tempered Ladybird' 2Do.

There are 6 frames here for you to complete. Some of them are easy to fill in, like the title and author but here is some help to complete the others. 


Picture Frame

You can choose to insert a photograph, some clipart or draw a picture into this frame.

Which part of the story do you think would be the best one to choose? 


5 Star Rating

Think about how much you enjoyed the story and choose how many stars you think it deserves.

5 stars means it was excellent and you really enjoyed it.

1 star means it wasn’t your type of book!


Describe the Ladybird ...

Books need to have interesting characters in them to make the story exciting to read.

Think about the Ladybird in this story. 

Why was the Ladybird grumpy?

Can you think of describing words to show how the Ladybird was feeling?

How did his feeling change?

What words would you use to describe what he looked like and how he behaved? What did you like or not like about him?


Describe the story in 50 words ...

Here you need to think about what happened in the beginning, the middle and the end of the story.

Your challenge is to retell the story in no more than 50 words!

Which parts of the story are important and need to be included and which parts are less important and can be left out?

Remember to make it interesting enough to help people to decide if they want to read the book.

Choose your words carefully!

Here is a word mat with many of the key words from the story.

This will help you to write more independently… and help you get ready for Year 2!

Challenge 2

Print out these pictures of the characters from the Bad Tempered Ladybird story. 

Cut out the pictures carefully and using lolly sticks or even twigs from the garden, you can make them into puppets.

Use each one to retell the story but the challenge is … can you use them all in the right order? 


When you have practised, you could perform your puppet show for your family.

Try using a different voice for each animal just like in the video we watched at the start of this activity.

It will make it more interesting for your audience to listen to and it may earn you a big round of applause at the end.


Enjoy yourselves Lovely Ladybirds!