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It's Quiz Time!


This week we have some great quizzes for you to do. 

When you read, it is important that you remember what it is that you have been reading about. Whether that’s what the story has been about or facts and information from ‘finding out’ books.  

Watch this video and see how the girl gets confused about what she has read. 

As you can see, she picked up on lots of clues but she does not quite put them together correctly. You may need to read something more than once to make sure you understand what is happening too. 


Have a look at this information sheet All About Beaches.

All About Beaches - Reading Quiz

Some of the words may be a little tricky but use your phonic skills to have a good go and ask a grown up to help blend the words if you get stuck. It might be a good idea to chat about what you have read and even re-read some of it again to make sure you have understood everything. 

Now for the fun bit. Look at the quiz  and see how many answers you can get right. 

If you find it a bit tricky, go back to the sheet and see if you can work out the answer. 


Now that you know how quizzes work, why don’t you set a quiz challenge for your family?

You could take a story book that you know very well such as ‘Sharing a Shell’, ‘Gruffalo’ or ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and think of 5 questions to ask. You will need to read the book to help remind you of what happens and remember questions start with ...

Who?   Why?   What?  When?  Where?  or How?  

Set them a real challenge and don’t make those questions too easy!

We wonder who will win?


If your family really like a challenge, take a look at these Sea Creature Fact Cards. There are lots of cards with information about different Sea Creatures on each one and a grown up will need to help you to read it. Maybe you could work in teams to see who can answer the most questions correctly. Could you make a medal for the winner?

Happy quizzing!


Parents ... It is important for children to continue with their reading skills throughout this time and we appreciate how difficult this is without the scheme books from school. However, there are lots of resources available online such as Oxford Owls and Teach your Monster to Read where you can match books to your child’s ability or simply read books for enjoyment. Comprehension is an important reading skill and quizzes are just one way of making it more fun. Hopefully, they won’t even realise they’re learning!