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Fascinating Facts


Over the last few weeks we have seen how good your research skills are and how you have become amazing detectives and for this week’s writing and science activities you will definitely need those skills again.


This week in your science activity you are being challenged to write a Minibeast Factfile. Information writing is very different to creative writing. You need to state facts and not make anything up!


So let’s get practising those sentence skills!


Can you write a ‘fascinating fact sentence’ about different people in your family. You might need to ask them questions to help you find out the information you need to write your sentences. 

Can you find out any new, interesting or unusual information? You don't have to just write about the  people you live with, you could find out an interesting fact from a family member when you next speak to them on the phone, Facetime or Zoom them!


Remember when you are writing a sentence it needs to start with a capital letter and end in a full stop. You probably haven't been doing so much ‘pencil and paper’ writing whilst at home so this will be a great exercise to get you practising these skills for when we are back in school.


Your 2Do task is all about minibeast not your family but … could you please include your most fascinating family fact sentence in the comments/message box when you ‘hand in’ your science ‘My Minibeast Fact File’. We can’t wait to find out what you have discovered!


Now that you have practised your information writing you can get started on your minibeast research and fact file … so pop on over to the Science activity for this week’s challenge.


Happy researching!