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Writing Instructions on how to build your Bug Hotel


*** You will need to complete this week’s Science and Technology activity BEFORE starting this writing activity.


Over the past few weeks you have become authors and poets and now this week we are going to learn a different style of writing. We want you to write a set of instructions for the Bug Hotel you made in your Science and Technology activity so we will know how to make one just the same as yours.


Writing instructions is a way of helping us to know how to do something.

So getting it right is very important otherwise we may get it wrong or miss something out.


Watch the following video to learn each stage of writing instructions.

Taking it step by step you will need to

  • Think of a title

  •  List the things we will need

  •  Write down exactly how you made it



That’s the easy bit. Keep it simple and straightforward.


What you need

You will need to write down everything you have used but also remember to include how many and maybe which shape each item needs to be.



This is very important.

There will be lots of instructions to give and you must put them in the correct order starting from the very beginning.

You could number them to make it easier to follow.

When you begin each instruction, choose your words carefully.

You may want to begin with time related words such as first, then, next and finally.

Or you could start with directional words or bossy verbs like cut, place, take or put.

To make your instructions more helpful please include some adverbs and adjectives that describe each item so we have an even better idea of what to do.


Now you have thought about each stage, it is time to start writing. 

Use this sheet to record your work.

Remember to use each of the three stages we have already discussed and when you have finished writing your instructions, read through them all to make sure you have not missed anything out.


Happy writing!