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Reading Comprehension

The Cautious Caterpillar 


Lots of our work this week is based around caterpillars and butterflies and we would like to share with you a story all about a Cautious Caterpillar.


Here is the blurb ...

Cody the Caterpillar is nervous about changing into a butterfly. “Flying looks very tiring,” said Cody. “I wish I could stay as a caterpillar forever!” Will some encouragement from her minibeast friends help her to be brave?


It sounds like a good book doesn’t it and we are hoping that you can snuggle up somewhere comfy and read along as the story is being told.

The Cautious Caterpillar

Did you have a go at reading some of the words yourself? We hope you did as we know how clever you are at using your phonics to read even some tricky words.


The story was about Cody feeling very nervous of change.

Have you ever felt like Cody?

Talk to a grown up about the book and when you have felt cautious or nervous. 

How much of the story can you remember?

Remembering and understanding what you have read is called ‘comprehension’ and it is a really important skill that you need to learn. Sometimes, you are concentrating so hard on reading all the words you forget to listen to what is happening in the story.

If you have forgotten some parts of the story, you could go back through the pages of the book and look at the pictures to remind you.


Now you have got the story clearly in your mind, do you think you are clever enough to answer these questions?

There are three different comprehension sheets; easy, tricky and very tricky.

Which one will you choose to answer?

Go on, challenge yourself and you could be as brave as Cody…….


If you enjoyed this story why not bake some butterfly cupcakes, find a favourite book and settle down for a relaxing read and tasty treat!


Happy Reading! (... and Happy Cupcake Baking!)