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What am I?


Using all the information you have learned from your science minibeast factfile you did a few weeks ago, we thought it would be fun to write some minibeast riddles for your family to guess.


We have done this before for different animals but just in case you have forgotten, here are a few reminders.


You have to think of 5 clues that describe a minibeast without actually saying the name of the minibeast you want them to guess. 

Some clues may be about:

  • habitat
  • colour or special features
  • what they eat
  • how they move  
  • who they live with


Here’s a Powerpoint that may help you.

Look at each of your questions.

Are some easier than others?

If you read the easier questions first, then they will guess it straight away.

To make it harder, put your tricky questions first and easier ones last, and that way you will really get them thinking!


To make your work interesting to read try to include some great describing words.

You could use the minibeast word map to help you.

Here is a sheet for you to record your clues on. You could draw a picture of your minibeast in the box at the bottom but remember to hide with another piece of paper.

You don’t want to make it that easy!


Happy guessing Year 1!