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You're coming back to school!

You may have made the decision for your child to return to school this week and we are looking forward to welcoming you back. School has been closed a while but we are really looking forward to seeing the children and catching up on all their news!


To help you prepare your child for the different daily routine we have provided you with a 'Back to School' checklist

  • You should have received a Schoop informing you of your child's allocated school day.
  • In order to ensure social distancing of pupils and parents, Year 1 will start school at 9.15 am and end school at 2.45 pm.
  • The road outside the front of school will be closed to traffic during the drop off and pick up times. There will be no entry from the back of school. 
  • To drop off and collect your child, Year 1 parents and pupils are to access school via the pedestrian entrance on Lon Ucha (nearest Heol y Deri) and exit through the staff car park. Parents will not be allowed to access the school yard or the school premises.
  • There is no expectation for your child to wear school uniform.
  • The sharing of equipment will be discouraged and it would be helpful if you could send your child to school with a pencil,  coloured pencils and crayons in a pencil case if available at home. Any school equipment used by the children will be thoroughly cleansed in a Milton solution.
  • All children are required to bring a packed lunch, snack and a water bottle. Could you please ensure that your child is able to open any packaged food independently or ideally provide them with a 'plastic free' lunch.
  • As we will be working outside as much as possible could you please apply suncream to your child before they come to school and ensure they have a sunhat with them.

We are very mindful that the children have had their little world turned upside down in the last few months. Children, just like adults, may be worried or anxious about returning to school following the Coronavirus Pandemic.

You might like to share this short story about Sammy the Sloth facing his fears of returning to school.

It could be a relaxed and informal way to open up discussion around how they may be feeling and an opportunity for you to reassure your child.

We are really looking forward to seeing the children and will do everything possible to make their day just like Sammy's ... full of fun!

Sammy Sloth Goes Back to School by Rachel Cook

Please make sure that you have read the important information published by Mrs Harry about the return to school and the procedures that must be followed to ensure a safe return and running of the school.

We have also included two videos that you might like to share at home to help with your preparation for returning to school.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Wash Your Hands (Covered in Bubbles) - Hand Washing Music for Kids

Get singing and dancing and learn how to wash your hands properly with Fluffster, Hopster's loveable hero character.

Two Metres Away - Social Distancing Song

This catchy song teaches children about social distancing, explains why it is important to stay 2 metres away when around others and how long that really is.